Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby Oblivions and Tempting Fate

I had this most of this post ready to go for the "due date" but without pictures and a taste... read on...

I really need to learn to quit tempting fate.  Last night, following my crazy wedding cake weekend, and after almost falling to sleep with my son at 9 pm, I decided that the logical thing to do was bake some Baby Oblivions.  After all, I wanted to keep up with the Heavenly Cake Bake Through and I don't think anything chocolate was on the agenda for awhile.  Besides, I wanted to clean up my kitchen, and it seemed that if I did the baking today, well I'd have two messes to tackle. 

I've made the Chocolate Oblivion from TCB before and I know that is absolutely DECADENT!   How could I resist trying to make little baby versions of this?  Not having silicone cups, I pulled out 8 ramekins and gave each a squirt of spray oil.  This meant making only 2/3 of the recipe so I was happy about that too.

The Oblivions are actually quite easy to make.  My hubby got me an Induction cooktop for my birthday, and like Hector from Rose's Blog, I am loving it.  I tossed the butter and Lindt Piccoli (which I am more chopping!!!) into a stainless steel bowl and set it on low and melted the two that way. 

My absolute favourite application of the induction cooktop is for heating eggs in my mixer bowl.  It works like a dream! 

After 5 minutes of egg whipping, the foam is ready and in two batches I folded it into the chocolate and butter.  Just a note:   I had 58% chocolate, so I didn't add any sugar. 

I forgot to weigh my bowl, so I was left to portion out the batter freestyle! 


Into the oven for 5 minutes in a water bath.

Here is where my tiredness crept in...I forgot to set the timer, so it is quite possible the babies baked for longer than 5 minutes.  I then had to cover the babies with a pan...the 9x13 was too small so I used a cookie sheet that rested atop the ramekins.  Luckily, this didn't stick to the batter.

After 10 minutes, I took the temperature, which was supposed to be 150F and mine were 170F...much too hot!  I could tell they were a bit overdone and had a tough rather than creamy looking texture. 

To make matters much much worse, while I was transporting ramekin # 5 from the water bath to the cooling rack, it slipped from my hand and splashed back into the bath showering ramekins #6,7, and 8.  I don't believe these needed syruping. 

I dumped them out (on a plus they unmolded fabulously) so they could "dry" out but anywhere they were hit with water, they crumbled.  Sigh...  I should have left well enough alone.

I tried ramekin #5s contents while it was still warm and the oblivion seemed a bit curdled (reminded me of the cheesecake I once made and overbaked).  The wet parts were not pleasant either.  This is the "wet" oblivion...

The "dry" oblivions were exactly that...not truffely moist...ho hum.  Although I was surprised to discover that they weren't curdled. 
I think I need a baking break....But I have lots of lemons in my fridge and guess what is next??  (Plus hubby's birthday is next week...although he'll probably be getting a pie since he's not much of a cake dude!)

There is no one to blame for this disaster but myself.  Honestly girl...follow your tired little head and not your gut!

*Apologies for the blurry photos...the batteries were getting very low...

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